"Canada has made much progress since the Official Languages Act was passed in 1969. It is time to take stock of the current state of this fundamental law, to reflect on future challenges, and to take the action required to ensure, among other things, respect for English and French as official languages, their equality of status and the equal rights and privileges as to their use in federal institutions." - Senator Maria Chaput 

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June 20, 2014

Dear readers,

As the Senate has adjourned until the fall, allow me to take a moment to wish you a pleasant summer.  As you know, an important milestonr was reached during this last session, as Bill S-205 was referred to the Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages for study.

We will thus continue our efforts in September 2014, when parliamentary activities resume.  The study by the Committee will allow for a serious and necessary debate about modernizing the Official Languages Act.

As usual, I will keep you informed of all new developments via my website.

Maria Chaput, senator